Zenchi Therapy in Tarporley, Cheshire

Zenchi TherapyThe Zenchi Clinic in Tarporley, Cheshire covers a wide range of body & mind therapies for all age groups, producing individually tailored treatments with the right combination of styles to achieve the result you need, be it relaxation, pain relief, energy boost or rehabilitation of an injury. Understanding how precious & rare relaxation time is each session aims to meet many issues at once & educate to produce long term results.

Cross referral if problems are persistent can be achieved in-house. By working as a team to find the right combination of therapies for each case.

Zenchi TherapyZenchi believes the power of touch is the key to well being. Regular, preventative care can reduce or offset more serious repetitive strains whether work or sports related from occurring.

We specialise in offering a range of therapies suitable for child health from homoeopathy to cranio-sacral work with support throughout the pre & postnatal period.

Our Cheshire Clinic aims to provide:

    For a more natural approach for the whole family

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We have on-site parking and disabled access.


Town House Business Park, High St, (A51)
Clotton, nr Tarporley
Cheshire, CW6 0EG



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01829 781155 or 07941 951533

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Town House Business Park
High St (A51)
Clotton, nr Tarporley
Cheshire, CW6 0EG

Telephone 01829 781155
Mobile 07941 951533

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