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Nicky Abell-Francis

Nicky, Zenchi's owner, specialises in a wide range of bodywork for injury recovery, maintenance or relaxation. Effective management of the body prevents risk of damage, maintaining fitness & improving performance levels. Weather amateur, semi-professional or work related injury Sports massage can be utilised in many ways.

Just some of her Testimonials...

As a Personal Trainer, regular runner and cyclist Nicky has been treating me for a number of years. I rely on her sports massage to keep me and my legs in good shape and free from injury. I would really recommend the Thai massage too which is a completely different energising experience - I feel brilliant afterwards.

I am suffering from a chronic condition known as stenosis of the spine. This condition is very restricting and causes a great deal of pain when attempting to walk any distance. It is very debilitating. At the age of 69 I am finding it more difficult to do so many things we would normally take for granted in life.

Nicky has been treating me for over two years and I can only say what her treatment does for me is just wonderful. Nicky is very caring and most professional in her procedures. The after effects of her treatment give me more pain free movement in my limbs and a wonderful relaxed state of wellbeing. I would not hesitate in recommending Nicky's unique hands on treatment to anyone

Jim Porter

Thank you for the recent deep leg massage you gave me. When I arrived my legs were very swollen due to water retention, my ankles and knees were painful and my left leg in particular was very heavy; I felt I was dragging it after me. But since the two massages and following your advice my agility is markedly improved. I feel I am able to walk much better and for longer. I am more confident in moving up and down steps and my knees no longer feel so painful. I am really pleased at the effect of the treatment, even my lower back feels more free.

G.D. Wrexham

Practicing at Back to Health in Wrexham

Back to Health Chiropractic ClinicNicky also practices from the Back to Health Chiropractic Clinic in Wrexham if that is a more convenient location - find out more about Back to Health.

Or you can phone us to make a booking.

Key problems, Sports remedial and other bodywork can aid:

• Knee, Ankle Shoulder & backpain

• Recovery after operations

• Sciatica

• Jetlag

• Joint pain & stiffness

• Joint pain & stiffness

• Arthritis / Osteoartritis

• Headaches

• Headaches

• Lymphoedema

• Whiplash

• Postural problems (work related)

• Repetative strain injuries

• Pregnancy & after childbirth

• Improve healing of muscle tears, strains & and sprains

Feel energised; achieve optimum health, fitness & vitality. Treat massage as your prescription to wellbeing. Regular sessions will allow you to be aware of problems before they become chronic. Any work or sport can build up muscle weaknesses & tension. Balancing the nervous system, blood chemistry & boosting immunity may reduce risks of depression, high blood pressure & anxiety developing.

Click here for FAQs on Sports Therapies

Package discounts

Regular treatments act as an MOT on the body preventing injuries & stress from building up so why not take advantage of our packages on any treatments Nicky provides.

  • Packages of 4 sessions prepaid 10% discount, 6 sessions 20% discount

MUSCLE REVIVER - 45 minutes £43 and 1 hour £47

An effective method for athletes & active individuals who are interested in improving sports performance combining specialised deep tissue techniques with stretching to address chronic or acute problems & increase flexibility. Specific areas or whole body can be requested.

UPPER BASICS - 30 minutes £30

Special focus on the back, neck & shoulders. A great treatment for tension relief from everyday strains.


Special aromatherapy oils are blended according to the needs of the individual & the effect desired. Massage being light & gentle treating the emotional body as well as the physical. Benefits occur through penetration & aroma producing a variety of effects.

HOT & COLD STONE THERAPY - Full Stone 1 hour 15 minutes £75

An ancient healing art using application of hot basalt lava stones for deep penetration. Accompanied by therapeutic use of frozen marble stones. Bringing relief to tense, sore joints, stressed emotions & weary spirit. Traditional massage, aromatherapy & hot oil combine to warm, work & invigorate.

CUPPING THERAPY - 10-15 minutes (inclusive in any sports massage if required)

Used for a variety of ailments from cold, asthma conditions, arthritis, frozen shoulders, spasms, swollen joints to reproductive issues, headaches & imbalances such as fibromalgia. Various glass cups are placed upon the body where needed after creating a vacuum within the cups. The drawing sensation created aids blood & lymph flow, removing toxins, the main aim being to remove excess heat, cold or dampness from the body. Weak, medium & strong moving cupping can be used.

Please note some bruising will occur this is normal & takes approximately one to two weeks to disappear if strong cupping is required. This therapy does not hurt in any way. Ideal for hyper sensitive individuals where massage touch is too invasive due to nerve hypersensitivity.

MOXA (inclusive in any sports massage if required)

Originally used in Oriental medicine pre-dating acupuncture. It is used to warm regions & acupressure points stimulating circulation of blood & 'Qi'. ideally suited for clients lacking in energy, chronic ailments effected by cold or damp weather.


Profile of Nicky Abell-Francis

Nicky has been practising in health related therapies for around 22yrs, her background covers a wide range of body therapy work, covering SPORTS INJURY & REMEDIAL MASSAGE, which she combines very successfully with HOT & COLD STONE THERAPY, SHIATSU & ESSENTIAL OILS. Blending & supplementing each treatment with a variety of approaches, to help solve & alleviate any symptoms   that may show physically or emotionally. POSTURAL ANALYSIS is also available if required to prevent old repetitive strains developing or new injuries occurring through poor posture.

Gaining her diploma in Shiatsu from the European School of Shiatsu in 2000 at the Kailash Centre, London, Nicky has expanded on these skills within maternity & childcare. Now offering private one to one classes or monthly group sessions for INFANT MASSAGE TUITION & ACTIVEBIRTH   encompassing massage & acupressure skills for maintaining a healthy pregnancy & providing pain relief during labour and the birth itself.

Treating all age groups her company ZENCHI aims to provide holistic health from pregnancy to maturity. Before moving to Chester Nicky's practise was based in Brighton on the south coast. Her work aided both physically disabled clientele through to young & old, allowing her to develop a variety of skills to aid health & wellbeing. Now based in Tarporley, Cheshire, she is now able to focus on developing & promoting the many varied styles of massage.

Working closely with Barcedillo who work within stress management, Zenchi also offers the benefit of ON-SITE-MASSAGE for a companies workforce or special CORPORATE EVENTS.

Massage for sportsmanMassaging service for sports stars

Treating our Olympic stars!

Recently Zenchi attended the Etape-Cymru, the toughest closed cycling road circuit around Wrexham county.

Our first client of the day was none other than Chris Bartley Silver medallist in the Olympic rowing. We were very pleased to help his recovery after such a gruelling race, with close roots to Farndon his home town. We wish him luck in any further ventures.

Massage for ironman athletesSimon Prescott completes IronMan in South Africa

Here is a testimonial from Simon who completed the Ironman after being treated at the clinic:

During the past 6 months I have had lots of different types of massages from Nicky while I was training for April 2011, Ironman Triathlon, South Africa and I can honestly say that, it wasn't for Nicky sorting out one niggling injury after another, I would never have completed the training and got through the race on the day.

During particularly heavy training schedules the treatments have allowed me to meet the physical demands and perform to the best of my ability and have benefited from great improvements in my levels of recovery after races and training.

She has proven to be a fountain of knowledge and advice, massive thanks Nicky !!

Oil AidZenchi massage at Chelsea Football Club

Zenchi offered it's on-site massage service at a charity event, OILAID, a regular event held annually at Chelsea football club. Open to various businesses to attend and create their own team, playing on the hallowed home turf of the premier league champions & FA cup double winners.

This year Peter Shilton attended along with some past players from Man City, Chelsea and new up coming trainees that all kindly graced our massage tables. Donations going to the OilAid charity. Our services were busy through out the day with a waiting list by teatime. Sadly having to turn a few weary players away by then who we hope had energy to enjoy the gala dinner later that night.

Massage for footballers

Nicky at the Chelsea Football Club charity event

Sports massage for soccer players

Nicky working at Chelsea Football Club charity event


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