Pre and post natal pregnancy massage -
Nicky Abell-Francis

Designed to give relief to the special needs of the mother relieving tired, heavy legs & aiding venous flow.

Nourishing oils are blended to improve skin elasticity & aid prevention of stretch marks. Treatment is adapted to each trimester, focusing on various symptoms that develop.

1st Trimester

  • Symptoms of tiredness, nausea, anxiousness, headaches & shortness of breathe due to hormonal surges can occur. Treatment is slow, gentle & focused. Using key acupressure points, mandarin oil for settling nervous tension, stomach & mind. Aim to harmonise the body & meridian system (energy lines).

2nd Trimester

  • Symptoms of increasing weight can show. Joints may ache, oedema of legs & ankles, backache, varicose veins, constipation & cramps can occur. Good postural alignment is key to aid & reduce symptoms. Treatment can be deeper using nourishing & safe essential oils for problems developing.

3rd Trimester

  • Will focus on relieving back pain from increased weight, aches & pains, shoulder tension from increasing breast size. Sleep symptoms & a drop in energy levels due to restriction of breathing if baby lies high. Treatment covers some stretch work to open up the upper body, slow, remedial techniques to enhance fluid flow & soothing relaxation points of face & head to encourage a restful sleep once the body structure has relaxed.


1 hour 15 minutes¬†-¬†£58

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