Clinical Hypnotherapist
Claire Finnan GQHP

Claire FinnanHow great would you feel if you had changed certain aspects of your life for the better? Hypnotherapy can help you obtain those goals. Claire’s calm and friendly approach offers help with a range of issues from stress and anxiety, phobias and habits to pain and symptom management, as well as being a smoking cessation and weight management specialist.


Claire FinnanHypnosis has been around since the dawn of time and is found in every culture in the world, as well as in the animal kingdom. A hypnotic state occurs naturally in everyone, numerous times a day and is often associated with the dream like relaxed state we enter just before sleep.


It is possible to use the hypnotic state to make deep and lasting changes to any emotions and behaviours that can hinder your wellbeing. Often these emotions or behaviours are formed unconsciously, from a faulty learnt experience or association. Our unconscious protects us by raising our fears and anxieties to levels that will identify risks before they arise, therefore keeping us safe from what it sees as a difficult or dangerous situation. Unfortunately this form of self preservation is not always in your best interest. Using hypnosis we can allow the unconscious to relearn this behaviour.



Client comments

"Having suffered with sleep problems for over 10 years, where I was lucky to get more than 3 hours sleep, I finally decided to seek help. My first point of call, the GP, couldn’t help and refused to prescribe medication sighting that it would be ineffective as going to sleep was not the issue, staying asleep was. I was always a sceptic of hypnotherapy but my wife convinced me to give it a go. After a free initial consultation Claire agreed a treatment course and after 5 sessions, I now find that I have a normal sleep pattern and wish I had done it sooner."


"I had been biting my nails all my life and being over 40 I thought I would be doing it for ever. Over the years I tried all the normal foul tasting potions, but would still continue to bite my nails till they bled. Just 2 visits and I stopped."

Price List

Initial consultation (1/2 hour)


Session (1 hour)


Pre-book 3x sessions
(3x 1 hour)


Children over 8 years (1 hour)


Children under 8 years (1/2 hour)


Smoking cessation (2 hours)


Cancellation policy - percent of treatment cost

Within 24 hours of appointment


Within 48 hours of appointment


Within 72 hours of appointment


Over 72 hours

No charge

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